This report starts with a discussion of sales relationships and leads into assessment of buyer needs, questioning styles and styles of communication. Also, sales prospecting, account analysis, supporting product claims and the types of sales dialogue are introduced.

SALESMANSHIP_2014 (click link to download)
1. Trust-Based Strategy
2. Building Trust with Buyers
3. Assessing Buyer Needs
4. Styles of Communication
5. The Buying Team
6. Questioning Styles
7. ADAPT Questioning System
8. Sales Prospecting
9. Types of Sales Dialogue
10. Supporting Product Claims
11. Developing Sales Relationships
12. Portfolio Two-Factor Account Analysis

SALESMANSHIP CLASS DISCUSSION (click link to download)

Class discussions from Salesmanship 3400, a course about selling techniques used in modern-day sales departments around the World. From building trust, to assessing buyer needs, to managing sales objections and sales follow-up, are all discussed in the transcript from this twelve week course.

1. Sales Techniques
2. Building Trust
3. Identifying Buyer Needs
4. Understanding Purchase Decisions
5. Listening To a Buyer’s Needs
6. Prospecting For Clients
7. Creating Service Value beyond the Product
8. Understanding Buyer Motivation
9. Effective Sales Dialogue
10. Dealing with Sales Objections
11. Sales Objection Scenario
12. Sales Follow-Up
13. Sales Self-Leadership
14. Sales Strategies